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Shani Sabban lives in Sherman Oaks, California. Here is her Romantic Wish:

I don’t need material things to grant me a romantic wish. Spending time with the one I love anywhere in the world is ideal for me! Whether it be in our living room or on the moon, as long as we’re together my romantic wish has come true!

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The romantic wish with the most votes receives a trip to Rome, Italy. Second place will win a gorgeous Amsale wedding dress, and third place will enjoy a private screening of the romantic comedy “When in Rome.”

Andrea Jablonski is from Los Angeles, California. Here’s her Romantic Wish:

Watching a La Jolla sunset with my new love of 6 months, I said, “I’d like to have a sunset jar someday-a jar we could each put a dollar in for every sunset we watch together.” I forgot about this wish until our one-year anniversary, celebrated on the same beach…my boyfriend gave me a beautiful amber glass jar and a card that read, “To many more sunsets together” along with a crisp dollar bill.

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Manuel Banda lives in Dallas, Texas. Here is his Romantic Wish:

I was in Rome this past summer as part of a study abroad program with my university. Leaving the usually busy Piazza del Popolo near midnight, I hear a violinist start to play in the distance. A man knelt at the bottom of the stairs in the center of the piazza looking up at, who I assume was, his girlfriend and opened a small box. She threw her hands in her face, then around his neck, kissed him for a long time and finally shared a slow dance with him. This is the most romantic moment I have ever seen; it was as if the piazza and city knew what was taking place and paused momentarily for them. I wish to recreate it, but now I want to be at the bottom of the steps looking up at my girlfriend instead of being a bystander.

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Pele Woods is from Hinesville, Georgia. Here’s her Romantic Wish:

The love of my life is a Army man and a beautiful human being. My ultimate wish is to be able to propose to “him” while on a romantic trip. I know how much he loves me but I would love to be the one to pop the question and go the whole nine for him for once. He deserves it. We’ve known each other since high school and he’s still the same sweet person now as he was then. I love him.

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Morgan Elizabeth Beck is from Orange County, California. Here’s her Romantic Wish:

Small tidbit about me and my fiance: we are playing volleyball in Cyprus until May. We love our profession! We practice constantly and do not get much time to do anything during our season.

My romantic wish would be to come home from practice one night to a table set with candles and decorated with a fresh bouquet of flowers. Behind that in the kitchen, there would be an array of fresh ingredients for a make-your-own sushi night! We would spend the night laughing and making sushi (which I have always wanted to try to do) and dancing in our kitchen (which we normally do). I can’t really ask for much more than that.

We fell in love in Italy; he drove two hours to the tower of pisa to take a photograph to ask me to be his Valentine via email. He proposed with Christmas lights that spelled out “Marry Me?” What more could a girl want other than a make-your-own sushi night with some candles, dancing, and the company of your best friend and future husband?

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Lauren Dixon lives in Austin, Texas. Here’s her Romantic Wish:

The person who has been by my side through happiness and hardship is my prince charming. My devoted boyfriend has not given up on me during tough times. When my mother died of cancer two years ago, I felt a piece of my heart break off and I never imagined I would be able to feel truly happy again, until my amazing boyfriend reminded me of her strength and love. He allowed me to see the light in a dark situation when he told me he wanted to grow old with me just as my dad did with my mother. My romantic wish is to be as happy and in love as my parents were until the day she died. I wish I could live long enough to have a faithful marriage, see my children grow up and fall in love, and be able to watch it all with the person I have spent the last seven years of my life with. I want my mother’s unconditional love to live on through my relationship.

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The lucky winner with the most votes will go to Rome, Italy, and the second place winner will receive a gorgeous Amsale wedding gown!

Elliott McKenzie lives in Cerritos, California. Here is his Romantic Wish:

For basically my entire life, I’ve been envisioning what my future wife would be like. I imagined everything from her smile to the things we would do together, to the amazing way our bond would create an everlasting love that would keep us together forever. You see, I’m a dreamer. I’ve always known what I wanted for my future from the time I was a young boy. Now, as crazy to me as it seems, at the age of 25, I truly believe I have finally found the woman I’ve always dreamed of. We met just over a month ago and it’s been heaven ever since. A true romantic fantasy come to life! She’s everything I could imagine and more! The only problem is I work part-time and can’t afford to do the things I feel she deserves from me. The things a man should be able to do for the woman he loves. My romantic wish would be to be able to pamper her and treat her like the queen she is. I want to be able to do the things that she does for me on a daily basis.

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Less than a week to go before the most romantic holiday of the year is here. Don’t worry: Robbins Brothers has compiled a list of 10 Valentine’s Day recession-proof date ideas. Here’s tip #6:

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