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May 23–When it comes to married life…decisions, decisions. Wondering if ladies are more inclined to take their husband’s last name completely, keep their maiden name as their last name (lots of celebs do this), or perhaps hyphenate? And what do men prefer? Chime in on today’s Coffee Break with Tracey & Shulie!

Robbins Brothers Coffee Break with Tracey & Shulie--May 23, 2011

March 14–Missing that lost hour? Then you really need today’s Coffee Break with Tracey & Shulie from Robbins Brothers. So…how important is the way he proposes? Or is it not that important at all as long as the ring is nice & carefully selected? Grab your coffee & let’s chit chat!

Coffee Break with Tracey & Shulie

March 7–For today’s Coffee Break with Tracey & Shulie we’re discussing engagement ultimatums! In other words, propose or hit the road. Personally I think they can be effective. Sometimes. However, I believe in giving myself the ultimatum. For example, “if this relationship doesn’t progress by end of year then I’m moving on.” That way the person issuing the ultimatum is truly in control of the situation. But hey, that’s just my two cents. To chime in on the heated discussion head over to the Robbins Brothers Facebook  page right now. (Random winner to comment on the post gets a new pair of pretty pearl earrings.)  TL

Coffee Break with Tracey & Shulie--March 7, 2011