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May 25–We all knew it was coming sooner or later. Reality star princess Kim Kardashian has been searching for true love for quite some time. She’s gorgeous, her career is red-hot and all she needed was Mrs. in front of her name. Well Kimmie doesn’t have to look any further. Her NBA New Jersey Nets boyfriend of six months, Kris Humphries, proposed marriage at her Beverly Hills home on May 18. When Kim walked into the bedroom she saw ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME?” spelled out in rose petals. Awww how sweet. Sounds like a keeper we think. Move over Odoms (Khloe & Lamar)….there’s a new Kardashian couple in town!

Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring--Robbins Brothers Blog

Kim’s engagement ring is HUGE. Kris popped the question with a 20-carat emerald cut ring worth $2 million dollars. WHOA. We asked our Facebook fans to describe their initial reaction in one word. Here goes…

Rediculous–Nick C.

Wow, lucky girl!!–Malayka W.

Yikes–Ashley U.

Fudge–Heidi B.


Gooooood Loooooordd!–Roxana F.

Publicity stunt!!!!–Melissa M.

Arrrrriiiiibbbbba–Andrea P.

Fool–Todd C.

What happened to the guy Reggie?–Tonya S.

Bowchickabawwow!–Crystal P.

Ridonk-u-lus!–Samantha J.–Latacha K.

Predictable–Sofia C.

Finally–Sandra M.

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March 7–For today’s Coffee Break with Tracey & Shulie we’re discussing engagement ultimatums! In other words, propose or hit the road. Personally I think they can be effective. Sometimes. However, I believe in giving myself the ultimatum. For example, “if this relationship doesn’t progress by end of year then I’m moving on.” That way the person issuing the ultimatum is truly in control of the situation. But hey, that’s just my two cents. To chime in on the heated discussion head over to the Robbins Brothers Facebook  page right now. (Random winner to comment on the post gets a new pair of pretty pearl earrings.)  TL

Coffee Break with Tracey & Shulie--March 7, 2011


November 3–Our Facebook fans are the very best! They always offer such engaging discussion on topics of the day. Today’s question asked, “How do you know when you’re in love?” Some answers included:

Love is when you take away the feeling, the passion, the romance and find out you still care for that person.–Octavia

You respect each other and can’t imagine being with anyone else.–LaShanda

I don’t think love can be described by an action. LOVE is more of a state of mind. There can be so many different kinds of love: sad, mad, happy, confused and even scared. Love is when you know that no matter what happens, that person will always be by your side & nothing can change that.–Nick

You just know.–Tab

It’s a feeling you’ve never experienced before, like no other. You’re constantly smiling, have butterflies in your stomach when they come around. You want to be with him every moment of your life and you can’t breathe without him.–Fluff

What do you think? How did you know when you were in love?? See more answers at Robbins Brothers Facebook.

May 12–It’s a great day, very productive and ummm kind of funny. Today we asked our Facebook fans to share the nicknames for their loved one. All I can say is….I’m pretty romantic but some of the responses are even a bit much for me! Let’s see, we have:

Baby, Babes, Boo, Daddy-O, Baby Boy, Hunny Bunny, Polar Bear, Lovey, Boobie, Tarzan, Pumpkin, Musclecakes, Randa Panda, Yummy, Snookie, Muffin, Turkey, Goober….and the list goes on!

Wow. All I can say is love is a wonderful thing and I guess there are no limits when it comes to terms of endearment. I’m not quite there yet. “Sweetie” and “Babe” are as far as I’ll go. But one of these days, you never know. I may meet the man who excites me so much that I call him “Sugar plum” or even my “Rockstar.”  TL