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Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell Engaged with 5 carat diamond engagement ring - Robbins Brothers Blog Picture

Money can’t buy love, but Beatle Paul McCartney certainly shelled out some serious cash when he proposed to New York businesswoman Nancy Shevell with a stunning 5 carat flawless round brilliant diamond engagement ring.

Congratulations Paul & Nancy from the Robbins Brothers bloggers!

Amercia’s sweetheart and former “Ugly Betty” star America Ferrera accepted a marriage proposal from long-time boyfriend Ryan Piers Williams. The ring? A stunning 4 carat round diamond set in platinum.

Congratulations, American and Ryan, from all your fans (and a few fellow USC students) at Robbins Brothers,  The  Engagement Ring Store.

America Ferrara (Ugly Betty) Engagement Ring Photo - Robbins Brothers Engagement Ring Blog

February 25, 2010 — This is a wonderful marriage proposal video that takes place at Centennial Olympic Park, with a couple of exceptions: the cuss words uttered by “the friend” take away from the romance of the special moment. This guy needs to sign up for the “No Cuss Week” with the kid from South Pasadena!

Congratulations to the happy couple from everyone at Robbins Brothers.

Manuel Banda lives in Dallas, Texas. Here is his Romantic Wish:

I was in Rome this past summer as part of a study abroad program with my university. Leaving the usually busy Piazza del Popolo near midnight, I hear a violinist start to play in the distance. A man knelt at the bottom of the stairs in the center of the piazza looking up at, who I assume was, his girlfriend and opened a small box. She threw her hands in her face, then around his neck, kissed him for a long time and finally shared a slow dance with him. This is the most romantic moment I have ever seen; it was as if the piazza and city knew what was taking place and paused momentarily for them. I wish to recreate it, but now I want to be at the bottom of the steps looking up at my girlfriend instead of being a bystander.

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December 19, 2009 — Justin set up such a creative way to propose, with several boxes for Jen to open. The final box was a “talking box” but Jen was so excited opening the boxes she missed the grand finale! Justin’s proposal is beautiful and my favorite part is the cheering from several family members!

December 15, 2009 — The rumor mill and TMZ are buzzing with the photos and gossip about Tony Romo’s engagement to girlfriend Candice Crawford. Candice, the lovely former Miss Missouri, definitely had a platinum or white gold ring with diamonds on her left ring finger and wasn’t trying to hide anything.

What I do know for sure is that Tony Romo was very gracious and a perfect gentleman when he visited Robbins Brothers for our Dallas store’s grand opening. He even helped a cowboy surprise his girlfriend with a romantic proposal. Check out the video:

You have to see this odd marriage proposal to believe it:

A rodeo proposal:


A proposal for University of Kentucky basketball fans:

And a very creative marriage proposal (complete with the lighted ring box) from a USC film student:

Have a lovely weekend.

Watch these videos to see “Michael Myers” finally find that special someone he doesn’t want to kill, a Perfect Proposal with the help of Zombies (what could be more romantic?) and a “Thriller” of a proposal that would make Michael Jackson cry.  

It’s sort of sweet to see killers and dead people embrace tradition, complete with the bended knee and engagement ring.  Who knew Halloween could be so romantic?