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May 25–We all knew it was coming sooner or later. Reality star princess Kim Kardashian has been searching for true love for quite some time. She’s gorgeous, her career is red-hot and all she needed was Mrs. in front of her name. Well Kimmie doesn’t have to look any further. Her NBA New Jersey Nets boyfriend of six months, Kris Humphries, proposed marriage at her Beverly Hills home on May 18. When Kim walked into the bedroom she saw ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME?” spelled out in rose petals. Awww how sweet. Sounds like a keeper we think. Move over Odoms (Khloe & Lamar)….there’s a new Kardashian couple in town!

Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring--Robbins Brothers Blog

Kim’s engagement ring is HUGE. Kris popped the question with a 20-carat emerald cut ring worth $2 million dollars. WHOA. We asked our Facebook fans to describe their initial reaction in one word. Here goes…

Rediculous–Nick C.

Wow, lucky girl!!–Malayka W.

Yikes–Ashley U.

Fudge–Heidi B.


Gooooood Loooooordd!–Roxana F.

Publicity stunt!!!!–Melissa M.

Arrrrriiiiibbbbba–Andrea P.

Fool–Todd C.

What happened to the guy Reggie?–Tonya S.

Bowchickabawwow!–Crystal P.

Ridonk-u-lus!–Samantha J.–Latacha K.

Predictable–Sofia C.

Finally–Sandra M.

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