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May 17–Creativity at its best! Congrats to the newly engaged Matt & Ginny. Ginny simply thought she was at the movie theater to see ‘Fast Five’ but instead was asked the most important question of her life in a trailer. Surprise!!!

This is one clever & entertaining marriage proposal! Congrats to Mystery Guitar Man. So glad we were able to help out with your engaging moment…you rock!!

Sept 2: This is beyond cute! Looks like she didn’t care too much about the ring, but the puppy won her over. Congrats Paul & Franchesca! From all of your friends at Robbins Brothers.

August 10–We’re always on the lookout for fun, creative & even crazy marriage proposals. Well, this one is all of that & then some! Just what I needed on this ‘blah’ Tuesday. Enjoy, and tilt your head a little sideways to watch. 🙂  TL

March 25–Ahhh nothing like a significant other who gets REALLY creative when popping the question. It gets us Robbins Brothers Bloggers every time. Warning: Warm smiles & tears will ensue. Kleenex, please.