May 6–Propose marriage to your children’s mother with this floral-inspired 62-diamond engagement ring from our friends at Coast. She’ll be on cloud nine for a lifetime.

Coast Diamond Engagement Ring from Robbins Brothers (sku 0374117)

May 3–Congrats to Robbins Brothers’ Torrance store customers Jennifer & John. Wishing you a blessed union filled with peace, prosperity, great health & true happiness.

Jennifer + John – Marriage Proposal at The White Dress from Mission Visual on Vimeo.

May 2–Tonight in round 2 of the NBA playoffs, Lakers and Dallas will go at it. Exciting! Since the Robbins Brothers headquarters is based in LA, we can’t help but to root for the home team. However, we also have a fabulous Dallas store with amazing employees so we need to cheer for them too. Oooh this is tough but let’s keep it safe…let’s go Lakers AND Mavericks!

All jokes aside, I think the Lakers have a better chance of winning this series and eventually ringing in another championship due to the support of their lovely spouses. Reality star Khloe Kardashian, wife of Lamar Odom, attends every home game and is her hubby’s biggest cheerleader. (We hear about him ALL the time on her Twitter page. Geez.) Singer Monica, wife of Shannon Brown usually does ‘her dance’ every time Shannon slams dunk. And of course we know Vanessa Bryant has been holding down her man Kobe for all these years. Moral of the story: If you’re an athlete & you want to win, get engaged to the love of your life! It works every time.

Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom

Khloe Kardashian Engagement Ring

Monica & Shannon Brown
Vanessa Bryant Engagement Ring

Still suffering from Royal Wedding Fever. I’ve watched footage on CNN, NBC, ABC, KTLA, CBS and TLC, but my favorite commentary by far was on the BBC, naturally.

Without further adieu, the two kisses on the Buckingham Palace balcony that have made history:

Kate’s Wedding Dress – First Glimpse – Robbins Brothers Blog

If a regular picture is worth a thousand words, this photograph of Kate’s dress could fill several volumes of thick books to describe the beauty of the day and the lovely bride wearing it.

Congratulations Princess Kate & Prince William, from all of us at Robbins Brothers, The Engagement Ring Store.

David and Victoria Beckham Arrive at Royal Wedding - Robbins Brothers Blog

David looks especially handsome and the lovely Posh dazzles the crowd as Britain’s and America’s favorite glamour couple enter Westminster Abbey for the Royal Wedding on April 29, 2011.

Robbins Brothers Titanium Ring for Prince William

Just five hours to go before we see the crowds lining London’s streets, the procession to the Abbey, and of course, Kate’s wedding dress. What still stumps us though is why Prince William doesn’t want to wear a wedding ring. We’ve heard the publicist’s spin: the royal men don’t wear wedding rings; William’s position in the Royal Air Force prevents him from wearing a ring; and the Prince is a “modern” young man who doesn’t feel the tradition of a wedding ring is required of him.

We certainly know money isn’t an issue, but we’ll send Prince William a Robbins Brothers titanium ring as a wedding gift. Even a modern woman like Kate Middleton would surely appreciate the small gesture of her husband wearing a ring on his left hand to show the world he’s seriously in love and committed to his beautiful princess bride.

Keep calm and enjoy the wedding. 🙂

April 28–Are we thinking it’ll look like this?! (Or maybe this is just my personal preference! Oooh weee it’s beautiful.) I’m really hoping she surprises all of us. The suspense is driving me crazy. Royal Wedding hurry up & get here!

Could this be Kate's Middleton's Wedding Dress?!

Michael M. Princess Cut Engagement Ring

April 27–We’re in a royal state of mind getting ready for the Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding this Friday! With this beautiful Michael M. stunner from Robbins Brothers, your royal engagement will be a moment for life. Ahhh. (I bet Nicki Minaj would even like this one.)–i35899.ring

April 21–Big congrats to our Fullerton customers Rob & Kiara! He popped the question in a crossword puzzle and then presented his bride-to-be with a lovely Verragio engagement ring. This is by far one of the most creative marriage proposals ever. Great job, Rob!

Man proposes through crossword puzzle: