Robbins Brothers Titanium Ring for Prince William

Just five hours to go before we see the crowds lining London’s streets, the procession to the Abbey, and of course, Kate’s wedding dress. What still stumps us though is why Prince William doesn’t want to wear a wedding ring. We’ve heard the publicist’s spin: the royal men don’t wear wedding rings; William’s position in the Royal Air Force prevents him from wearing a ring; and the Prince is a “modern” young man who doesn’t feel the tradition of a wedding ring is required of him.

We certainly know money isn’t an issue, but we’ll send Prince William a Robbins Brothers titanium ring as a wedding gift. Even a modern woman like Kate Middleton would surely appreciate the small gesture of her husband wearing a ring on his left hand to show the world he’s seriously in love and committed to his beautiful princess bride.

Keep calm and enjoy the wedding. 🙂