June 16–For a lot of people, work is a second home, right? Well I could only smile when I heard about the wedding of Carolyn Weatherly and Audwin Mosby, a couple in their mid-50s who decided to get married at their local Home Depot in Lake Forest, CA this past Saturday (the second wedding ever at the chain). Both work there, along with her son and his daughter, and since coworkers are like family, why not?

The lovely pair married in the garden department in front of 100 guests including some shoppers. Just shows that when it comes to love we make our own rules! And how cool is Home Depot now. Lightbulbs, grills, paint, washing machines & now weddings! Congratulations to the Mosbys from everyone at Robbins Brothers. We wish you well.

The Mosbys marry at Home Depot in Lake Forest, CA