March 19, 2010 — Ahhh. March Madness. The glorious time of year when a reported 58 million hard-working Americans follow the NCAA Basketball Tournament. You’d think that with the serious love of the game and with a phrase as heartwarming as “Sweet 16” trademarked for the sport, guys in love would also cherish the opportunity to propose in a meaningful way in front of screaming basketball fans.

What’s so sad for me (keep in mind that I’m a graduate of the university that beat Duke to win the NCAA Basketball Championship my senior year AND I’m now a loyal fan of all things engagement-related) is that I found on YouTube JUST ONE genuine marriage proposal video that took place at a college basketball game. After searching through “Rejected Proposal” and “Dude embarrassed” and “Proposal Denied” video titles, I finally found a Kiss Cam at a University of Tennessee game (not a tournament game though) where the guy kisses his girlfriend then drops to bended knee to propose on the big screen:

NCAA Basketball Tournament Marriage Proposal Score: 0 – 0

If you see a REAL marriage proposal take place during the 2010 NCAA Tournament, I beg you, please send the video to me at or upload it to the Robbins Brothers YouTube channel.