Robbins Brothers had over 2600 romantic wishes submitted to the “When in Rome” contest. Today you’ll read the romantic wishes of the top 10 finalists. Be sure to vote for your favorite today!

Lauren Jacobsen lives in Dallas, Texas. Here’s her Romantic Wish:

Ring. Ring. Ring.

There goes the telephone again. When will it ever be a soft good morning whispered in the ear instead of the cold, electronic sounds of a standard ringtone? It has been months since we have seen one another’s face, but such is the life of broke college students living in different cities, each chasing their own dream. In the short breaks from our academia, we can trust that the other is waiting, but those breaks are few and far between.

Our wish comes in the form of a dream, one that reoccurs nightly. A dream of escaping student debts and societal pressures. We yearn to travel and experience what this world has to offer us. Young American Muslims are not meant to fall in love, but rather are destined to cold, arranged marriages, right? Wrong. The love of my fiance, despite the distance, debt, and disapproval is worth waking up to the electronic sounds. Our dream of escaping these disadvantages of our current situation gets us through the exams, bills, and incessant reminders from society that there is no such thing as an American Muslim, and much less two that are madly in love.

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Winner with most votes will go to Rome, Italy, and second place wins a $5000 Amsale wedding dress! Third place wins a private screening of When in Rome for 30 guests.