Lauren Dixon lives in Austin, Texas. Here’s her Romantic Wish:

The person who has been by my side through happiness and hardship is my prince charming. My devoted boyfriend has not given up on me during tough times. When my mother died of cancer two years ago, I felt a piece of my heart break off and I never imagined I would be able to feel truly happy again, until my amazing boyfriend reminded me of her strength and love. He allowed me to see the light in a dark situation when he told me he wanted to grow old with me just as my dad did with my mother. My romantic wish is to be as happy and in love as my parents were until the day she died. I wish I could live long enough to have a faithful marriage, see my children grow up and fall in love, and be able to watch it all with the person I have spent the last seven years of my life with. I want my mother’s unconditional love to live on through my relationship.

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