Jacy Penrose lives in San Diego, California. Here’s her Romantic Wish:

We are 19 and 18 and have been together for a year. I’ve always thought he was perfect, not only the blanket that covers me and keeps me warm, but the sunshine that wraps around me and never fades. Three days after our first date, we both knew we loved each other and after a month, we knew we wanted to get married someday. I know we are young but I disagree with any thought that an 18 year-old heart is not in love, but infatuated. Corey’s parents married at this age and have 4 children. They’re the happiest most beautiful couple I’ve ever witnessed. I believe if it’s right, you know it, even when everyone else thinks you’re wrong.

Corey promised we’ll be engaged by the end of this year. As time goes by and money for a ring and doubtful others get in the way, we become discouraged though our relationship never falters. We want the same life: 4 kids, beautiful home, to travel & have adventures, jobs we love, and the chance to prove that love chooses us. I want to somehow make our dreams come true and to afford all the romantic possibilities of life together.

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