Elliott McKenzie lives in Cerritos, California. Here is his Romantic Wish:

For basically my entire life, I’ve been envisioning what my future wife would be like. I imagined everything from her smile to the things we would do together, to the amazing way our bond would create an everlasting love that would keep us together forever. You see, I’m a dreamer. I’ve always known what I wanted for my future from the time I was a young boy. Now, as crazy to me as it seems, at the age of 25, I truly believe I have finally found the woman I’ve always dreamed of. We met just over a month ago and it’s been heaven ever since. A true romantic fantasy come to life! She’s everything I could imagine and more! The only problem is I work part-time and can’t afford to do the things I feel she deserves from me. The things a man should be able to do for the woman he loves. My romantic wish would be to be able to pamper her and treat her like the queen she is. I want to be able to do the things that she does for me on a daily basis.

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