If you want Santa Baby (or your significant other) to give you a diamond engagement ring this Christmas, consider dropping these not-so-subtle hints between now and December 24th:

  • Write in red lipstick “I Love U” on his car window, with a picture of the engagement ring you want taped to the steering wheel
  • Pack his favorite lunch with a little note that says “I’ll make you lunch for life, if you ask me to be your wife”
  • Visit Santa at your local mall. For the photo have Santa hold up a sign that reads “She really wants an engagement ring this year!” Go ahead and post on your Facebook page, or post on the Robbins Brothers Facebook page and have someone forward for you.
  • Make a “wish chain” out of construction paper strips, and inside each “link” write down “engagement ring” and tape pictures of rings you love printed from the Robbins Brothers website.  Hang on the tree and ask him to look close to find your wish.
  • Gather a few of your closest friends (preferably friends with great singing voices and senses of humor!) and perform your own version of Beyonce’s “If You Like It Then You Shoulda Put a Ring On It” in front of a video camera. Make the lyrics personal and upload to a YouTube channel created just for your future hubby to view.

Let me know which idea works for you!