If you’re in a serious relationship and wonder if you’re ready to get engaged, ask yourselves the following 10 questions. If you answer “yes” to the questions that are most important to both of you, then you’re probably ready to start engagement ring shopping.

1) Can you see yourself together as a couple forever?

2) Do you accept your significant other as he/she is TODAY, and know that the bad habits might not ever change?

3) Have you talked about and agreed on your plans to have (or not to have) children and how you’ll raise them?

4) Do you and your significant other agree about roles you’d each take on as a married couple?

5) Have you shared important details about your pasts with each other?

6) Do you both get along with immediate and extended members of the family?

7) Do you see eye-to-eye on financial matters?

8 ) Have you discussed short and long-term plans, such as paying off credit cards, getting a dog or cat, saving for a house?

9) Have you seen each other handle extremely stressful or unexpected situations and are okay with the reactions or actions taken?

10) Do you feel that you’ve been together long enough to see each other during good times and bad times and truly know each other?

If you’re sure about the one you love but weren’t sure how to answer some of the questions, then take as much time as you need to get to know each other. No need to rush into a lifetime commitment until you’re both 100% positive the person you’re with is really your soul mate.

And if you are ready to pop the question, you’ll want to check out these proposal videos of sweet and unique proposals:

It’s gonna be a lovely day.

Di (Robbins Brothers Blogger)