If you could select any diamond engagement ring, money no object, what would you select? Would you go with the gigantic diamond and a simple setting? Or do you think you’d pick a style that’s more unique?

Celebrity proposals (think Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, even The Jonas Brother’s new fiance) usually involve a minimum 5 carat rock. (Beyonce’s is 18 carats!). The Bachelorette received a gorgeous diamond ring, and seemed in awe of it’s size.

Any future Bachelorette deserves to see all of the engagement rings at Robbins Brothers, The Engagement Ring Store. Whether its a Jeff Cooper platinum ring, a Ritani micropave setting, a JB Star ring that would wow anyone on Rodeo Drive, or a design by Tacori or Simon G. that are already celebrity favorites, the bride-to-be will find the perfect ring. (And, thankfully, at prices much more affordable than what you’d pay at Rodeo Drive or Fifth Avenue stores.)

It’s gonna be a lovely day.