June 19– Break the no-romance cycle! Just say “no” to another Saturday night that consists of sitting on the couch eating microwave popcorn and watching movies on cable TV. Low on cash? That’s the norm these days! Here are some romantic date ideas that cost less than $20 or are even free:

  • Pick up a pound of grapes, a 1/2 pound of your favorite cheese, a loaf of $2 sourdough bread, a $2 or $3 bottle of wine (Coppola has a FANTASTIC white wine that was on sale for $2.49 last week at Ralphs) and a serving of your favorite dessert from the bakery section. Pack up a couple of glasses, paper plates and napkins, then as soon as the sun sets head out to your backyard, balcony, rooftop or any grassy area near your apartment or house and have a picnic under the stars.
  • Google “free concerts” in cities surrounding your area and take in a musical experience this weekend.
  • Drive to your nearest ice cream shop and get two cones to go. Turn off your iPhones, Blackberries, whatever. Walk the city as you indulge in your sweet treat. You’ll be amazed at how time flies when you’re with each other and without electronic distractions.
  • Get out all of your favorite tunes and listen to music for a few hours, with only candles flickering. Have a pizza delivered.
  • This is a corny one but fun. Pick up a few books containing love poems at the library, get a $10 bottle of champagne, a pint of strawberries and read out loud as you sip champagne and feed each other.

Even if you’re married (or should I say ESPECIALLY if you’re married!) you should try these low cost date ideas. After all, romantic gestures should be continued long after the dating, engagement and wedding!