World’s Biggest Engagement Ring Store exclusive retailer of diamond with groundbreaking cut

May 21, 2008 — Robbins Brothers, World’s Biggest Engagement Ring Store® exclusively launches the latest breakthrough in the gem diamond industry – the MSID Patent No. 6,990,833. The MSID, the acronym for “Mr. Smith’s Incredible Diamond,” is a patented stone created by small-town gemologist Al Smith, who uses an unconventional cutting approach to produce a diamond that is measurably more brilliant and up to 15 percent larger in diameter than a comparable diamond created according to the industry’s well-cut standards.

“When I first saw the stone, I referred to it as ‘Mr. Smith’s Incredible Diamond,'” said Chief Engagement Officer Steve Robbins. “I was amazed to hear that Smith had cracked the code in how to create a brighter diamond, all the while adhering to specifications that would allow for it to sell at about the same cost as a well-cut diamond of the same weight.”

When I first saw the stone, I referred to it as ‘Mr. Smith’s Incredible Diamond’

Smith’s approach and understanding of different diamond angles and faceting, contradict the conventional wisdom of what the precise angles and faceting arrangements are that create a diamond with maximum brilliance. The traditional specifications were developed in 1919 when Marcel Tolkowsky created the Ideal-cut diamond in his thesis “Diamond Design.” Typically, diamond cutters interested in maximizing brilliance have followed Tolkowsky’s formula, but some would argue the downside to this formula is that the diamonds produced, although brilliant, have a smaller diameter. Historically most diamond cutters sacrifice some brilliance to produce diamonds with more yield – diamonds that have more carat weight and a smaller diameter. Nearly 100 percent of “high yield” round diamonds are of greater depth and smaller diameter, but Smith’s revolutionary formula is able to optimize brilliance without sacrificing diameter.

As an unknown gemologist, Smith ran into many industry obstacles in his search for a diamond cutter adventurous enough to test his theory as many viewed it too outlandish. The tenacious Smith eventually met an audacious diamond cutter willing to take on the project.
Smith was so committed to his discovery that the very first diamond presented to the cutter was not a rough stone, but in fact an existing diamond he wanted re-cut to his unique specifications – his wife’s engagement ring diamond.

Before beginning the project, Smith was required to sign a waiver releasing the cutter from any liability. To the cutter’s amazement, that stone yielded an amazing gemological specimen. At an industry event, the diamond was put on a Brilliance Scope and scored the highest marks possible for brilliance, fire, and scintillation whereby scientifically confirming that Smith’s formula was revolutionary.

“Robbins Brothers is thrilled to have been chosen by Smith as the exclusive retailer for his invention,” said Robbins. “And now, customers will be able to see with their own eyes what the industry initially couldn’t; the most intensely brilliant diamond available anywhere.”