World’s Biggest Engagement Ring Store hosts its first in-store wedding and reception for local couple

HOUSTON, Aug. 7, 2007 – Robbins Bros., World’s Biggest Engagement Ring Store®, held its first in-store wedding in Houston for a young couple who might otherwise have celebrated the occasion alone and with little fanfare.

On Friday, Aug. 3, Jesse Miller and Tara Rodriguez visited the Robbins Bros. store located near the Galleria area in Houston to purchase wedding rings. Ray Sullins, a sales associate for Robbins Bros, assisted the couple in selecting rings that met their modest budget. After further discussions with Sullins, the couple selected two simple and elegant bands they felt would represent the love that they have for each other just as well as any higher priced rings. The next morning, with this couple on his mind, Sullins called Jesse and Tara to follow-up on their wedding plans. He was surprised to learn that the two planned to get married by a Justice of the Peace that afternoon. Since the couple recently moved to Houston, they had no family or friends to attend the wedding and to help them celebrate the happy occasion.

Sullins, an ordained minister, immediately decided that he could not let this couple get married by themselves. After all, he knew that Robbins Bros. is all about love and romance. He offered to donate his time and services to marry Jesse and Tara and rallied the rest of the staff to help with the ceremony and reception. After further planning, it was decided that the wedding should take place that afternoon inside Robbins Bros.

“I work as a part time salesperson for Robbins Bros, because I love being a part of the romance that comes with this job,” said Sullins. “I felt that our store would be a much better place than the Justice of the Peace to hold the ceremony. We would have plenty of loving and caring witnesses and best of all, we are free.”

At 2:00 p.m. on August 4, Robbins Bros. had its first in-store wedding. General Manager J.D. Dahler walked the beaming bride down the aisle. Etienne Boyd and Kristi Gonzalez, both Robbins Bros. associates, served as best man and maid-of-honor. Robbins Bros. provided the bouquet, rose petals for the aisle, champagne and glasses, and a wedding cake.

“We had a fantastic time and are so grateful to Ray and the folks at Robbins Bros. for making our special day even more special” said Miller. “Tara and I are still amazed at how quickly they pulled together to give us a proper wedding.”